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Undergraduate Theses

Title Author Supervisor Year
Examination of frequency, regularity and spelling-to-sound consistency in dual-route subtypes in adult readers, The GRANITE, Leeor Sidhu, R. 2007/2008
Examination of productivity and self-corrections in written expression performance of adolescents with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) HOSSEINI, Armita Toplak, M. 2009/2010
Examination of Subjective Memory in Breast Cancer Survivors, An AMIEL, Chelsea Rich, J. B. 2013/2014
Examination of the DSM-V ASD criteria, An TAHERI, Azin Perry, A. 2010/2011
Examination of the Realize Community Potential (RCP) program for autism Ontario SPLETTSTOESSER, Ingrid Bebko, J. 2007/2008
Examing the effects of mindful-writing on the depression levels of mature students NGUYEN, Trinh K. D. Sheese, R. 2011/2012
Examining a new measure of state boredom RODRIGUES, Nancy Eastwood, J. 2010/2011
Examining Convergence in Client-Therapist Ratings of Unconditional Positive Regard in Integrated Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy for Generalized Anxiety Disorder PLONKA, Solomon Westra, H. 2015/2016
Examining leisurely strengths and internalizing symptoms among aboriginal and non-aboriginal children: A mixed methods study DHILLON, Gurveer S. Rawana, J. S. 2009/2010
Examining Personality and Hemispheric Dominance in Creative Writers MASLEJ, Marta Mar, R. A. 2011/2012
Examining the Efficacy of CBT for Delusions: A Meta-Analysis Approach PATRYLUK, Carolina (SPECIALIZED) Flora, D. 2012/2013
Examining the Interaction Between Bilingualism and Attentional Difficulties on Executive Function Performance FILLER, Yasmin Bialystock, E. 2013/2014
Examining the relationship between perfectionism, perfectianistic self-presentation and self-stigma THOMAS, Shaynna D. Flett, G. 2010/2011
Examining the relationship between personality style, self-schema and depressive vulnerability SPIGELMAN, Ashley McCann, D. 2007/2008
Examining the relationship between saccades and fixations with working memory capacity WONG KEE YOU, Audrey M. B. DeSouza, J. F. X. 2010/2011
Examining the relationship between selective attention and hunger in restrained eaters ROOSEN, Kaley Mills, J. S. 2006/2007
Examining the relationship of inhibitions with gambling, bilingualism, and video game experience SETHI, Tallaha A. DeSouza, J. F. X. 2010/2011
Executive Control in Linguistic Tasks: Evaluating Monolingual and Bilingual Children ZORMANN, Jessica (SPECIALIZED) Bialystok, E. 2011/2012
Exercise/CBT Intervention: Helping Youth Cope with Romantic Relationship Stressors and Depression MOITALTA, Christopher Connolly, J. A. 2011/2012
Expectation generation in placebo analgesia: To ask or not to ask? MANKOVSKY, Tsipora, D. Katz, J. 2006/2007
Expectation of nociceptive events in infancy: Predicting anticipatory anxiety towards immunization needles from past immunization pain experience, The JALAL, Mohammad A. Pillai Riddell, R. 2009/2010
Experience of Cognitive Effort as a Unique Predictor of Decision-Making Performance, The MARTIN, Shane M. Toplak, M. 2014/2015
Experienced Sexual Abuse, Adaptively Coping, Hassles and Outcome in Undergraduate Women TOSTE, Aja Kohn, P. 2014/2015
Experiential treatment of depression: A latent class analysis of depressed subgroups BENNETT, Lisa Flora, D. 2007/2008
Experimental Replication in Social Psychology: Understanding the Benefits and Limitations of Current Debates JASANI, Jasmine (SPECIALIZED) Sheese, R. 2015/2016
Explaining the factors that trigger crisis in families who have a family member with a developmental disability ACUNA, Kevin (SPECIALIZED) Weiss, J. 2009/2010
Explicit forgiveness as a coping process: The role of embarrassment in the repentance-forgiveness relationship KASHEFI, Yasaman Struthers, W. 2008/2009
Exploratory studies of rhythmicity in melatonin and its control in the insect rhodnius prolixus OSHEROVSKAYA, Alexandra Steel, C. 2006/2007
Exploratory study of Jewishness in marriage using qualitative method, An KRAVETSKY, Phil Reid, D. W. 2007/2008
Exploratory Study of the Impact of Mental Illness on South Asians in Canada using Cultural Task Analysis with Qualitative Research Methodology, An CHOUDHRY, Tahira Reid, D. W. 2011/2012
Exploratory study: Investigating the roles of self-efficacy and salience in adherence to BP monitoring KOTHAVALE, Reshma Irvine, J. 2006/2007
Exploring gay men's experience with sexual dysfunction following a radical prostatectomy: A qualitative study HARTMAN, Mary-Ellen Irvine J. & Matthew A. 2010/2011
Exploring Mindfulness & Perfectionism in Adolescents with Inflammatory Bowel Disease IYER, Sindoora Katz, J. 2015/2016
Exploring peer relations in the first year of life: The role of socio-cognitive skills KISHLYANSKY, Marina Legerstee, M. 2007/2008
Exploring Somali-Canadians' Personal Openness to Interethnic Relationships IBRAHIM, Mariam Lalonde, R. N. 2012/2013
Exploring the characteristics of children with a diagnosis of PDD-NOS HASSAN, Naveen Perry, A. 2009/2010
Exploring the Differences between Starters and Irregular Starters on measures of mental toughness MERENDA, Stephanie Baker, J. 2012/2013
Exploring the dose-response relationships of participant engagement with psychological variables and pain in an 8-week yoga program for women with fibromyalgia OSADCHUK, Anna Katz, J. 2010/2011
Exploring the Effects of Socioeconomic Status on Emotional Intelligence (MISSING - May 18, 2016) PARLEE, Jennifer M. Muller, R. T. 2013/2014
Exploring the efficacy of two online depression interventions in women DANGUECAN, Ashley Mongrain, M. 2007/2008
Exploring the Impact of South Asian Culture on Marital Dynamics: Grounded Theory Method Using Cultural Task Analysis SHAH, Kejal Reid, D. W. 2011/2012
Exploring the nature of memory representation for novel naturalistic actions DOIDGE, Ashley Park, N. 2009/2010
Exploring the relationship between emotional arousal in partners and the resolution of emotional injuries between partners SHANKER, Jay Valoo, V. 2010/2011
Exploring the Relationship Between Self-Reported ADHD Ratings and Outcomes in a Non-Clinical Undergraduate Sample CASALUCE, Deanna (SPECIALIZED) Toplak, M. 2013/2014
Expressions of jealousy in 3 to 6-month-olds: Frontal assymetry (EEG) and temperament POLANSKI, Vadim (SPECIALIZED) Legerstee, M. 2010/2011
Eye exercises and its effect on visual attention UTA, Sorin DeSouza, J. F. X. 2008/2009
Eye position on the bold signals from premotor cortex in humans during memory-guided pointing MARKOVIK, Simona DeSouza, J. F. X. 2008/2009
Eye position signals found in saccade related areas along the parieto-frontal network in humans using fMRI MEZA, Cecilia DeSouza, J. F. X. 2008/2009
Eye position signals in the human somatosensory cortex using fMRI: Examination using visually evoked blinks TAHIR, Khalid DeSouza, J. F. X. 2007/2008
Faces and ages: Sex and age in human recognition of temporally separated faces VERDICHEVSKI, Marina Steeves, J. 2010/2011