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Undergraduate Theses

Title Author Supervisor Year
Effect of breakfast on cognitive performance, The WREFORD, Julia Cepeda, N. 2009/2010
Effect of different body orientations on character recognition MAZOUR, Elena Jenkin, H. 2006/2007
Effect of exercise on forgiveness AYOUB, Mariam Struthers, W. 2010/2011
Effect of gender, distraction and restraint on eating behaviour, The ZENDEL, Rebecca Mills, J. S. 2010/2011
Effect of interference on facial memory across the lifespan, The MORRISH, Jayne Desrocher, M. 2007/2008
Effect of Item Order in Measurement of Mental-Attentional Capacity: Graded versus Ramdomized Versions of the Direction Following Task MAC, Vivien Johnson, J. 2011/2012
Effect of Ostracism on Affective Forecasting PHILTEOS, Justine (SPECIALIZED) McCann, D. 2015/2016
Effect of Posture on the Interpretation of Electrical Stimulation of the Vestibular System, The USMAN, Anousha Zahra Harris, L. 2011/2012
Effect of Racialized Police Violence on Racial Attitudes, The SCHLOSSER, Jacob Steele, J. 2015/2016
Effect of Specific Facial Feature Size on Attractiveness in Males and Females, The MULTANI, Amanpreet Goel, V. 2014/2015
Effect of subtle emotional valence on a target detection task OTCHERE, Faustina Murtha, S. 2006/2007
Effect of Temporal Distance on Future Thought in Older Adults, The VANGJELI, Aurela Rosenbaum, S. 2012/2013
Effect of test delay on declarative and nondeclarative aspects of tool knowledge, The DONKERS, Christy Park, N. 2008/2009
Effect of Transparency on Brightness Perception, The MCCOLL, Andrew Murray, R. 2013/2014
Effect of various icons on short-term memory recall, The O'RINN, Susan Murtha, S. 2006/2007
Effect of vocabulary size on English spelling generation tasks in individuals for whom English is a second language, The COHEN, Shelly Sidhu, R. 2008/2009
Effect of weight norms and traits self-esteem on ideal weight perception, The SIEUKARAN, Daniella Mills, J. S. 2009/2010
Effectiveness of Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (TF-CBT) on children's trauma symptoms, The KOSTIW, Adam Muller, R. T. 2010/2011
Effects of a nutrition intervention on reading comprehension EISEN, Michelle Cepeda, N. 2007/2008
Effects of a Positive Stereotype on Psychological Well-Being, The KIM, Heemok Lalonde, R. N. 2012/2013
Effects of a sexual assault on posttraumatic stress symptoms and assumptive worlds SORAGNESE, Mary-Jo Fleming, S. 2007/2008
Effects of age, sexual dysfunction, and social support on distress after radical prostatectomy, The GOLDBERG, Amanda Irvine, J. 2009/2010
Effects of an 8-week Hatha Yoga intervention on inhibitory control: A randomized controlled trial STEIN, Eliana Wiseheart, M. 2014/2015
Effects of Athlete Personality on Positive Youth Development Outcomes CARATUN, Robert Fraser-Thomas, J. 2013/2014
Effects of Attachment Style on Emotional Reactions to a Film Viewed for the First Time, The CILENTO, Elena Mar, R. A. 2012/2013
Effects of auditory cross-modal cues on spatial attention CHUNG, Derek (SPECIALIZED) Murtha, S. 2009/2010
Effects of bilingualism on common noun and proper name retrieval, The SAGAN, Maria Bialystok, E. 2006/2007
Effects of bilingualism on executive function in children with Attention-Deficit Hyperactive Disorder: Establishing the typically developing baseline FANTIN, Laura Bialystok, E. 2007/2008
Effects of Body Dissatisfaction on Media Selection, The MCLEOD, Courtney A. Mills, J. S. 2013/2014
Effects of Body Representation on Vibrotactile Discrimination and Localization (MISSING - May 18, 2016) D'AMOUR, Sarah Harris, L. 2011/2012
Effects of Boredom on Pursuing Goals, The KIM, Daniel Eastwood, J. 2013/2014
Effects of cellular telephone use on monolingual and bilingual drivers, The FUTERMAN, Ronit Wiesenthal, D. L. 2008/2009
Effects of Conciliatory Gestures on the Forgiveness Process, The MURUA, Andrea Sheese, R. 2011/2012
Effects of critical period on executive control in second language acquisition de SA, Eric Bialystok, E. 2006/2007
Effects of cross-modal cues on spatial attention LUCA, Simina Roxana Murtha, S. 2008/2009
Effects of Divided Attention on Declarative Memory Impairment in Novel Naturalistic Actions BEBEN, Karolina Park, N. 2011/2012
Effects of Early Caregiving Patterns on Infant Attachments Status, The TSIBOURAS, Sofia Pillai Riddell, R. 2011/2012
Effects of Early Enrichments on Stress Response in Dogs (Canis Familiaris), The GLENNY, Lucinda McDonald, S. 2012/2013
Effects of early episodic memory impairment on the developmental of theory of mind, The BRAVERMAN, Anna Rosenbaum, S. 2008/2009
Effects of Experience and Configuration on Disparity Grouping, The BEDROSYAN, Aren Wilcox, L. 2012/2013
Effects of Exposure to Anti-Obesity Messages on Mood, Body Perception, and Eating Behaviour in Female Undergraduate Students, The SHENTOW-BEWSH, Rachel Mills, J. 2012/2013
Effects of Family Structure and Parenting Style on Children's Development FRANKLIN, Prarthana Bohr, Y. 2012/2013
Effects of gender and mobility on revenge and forgiveness in anticipation of the workplace, The ZARINA, Tatiana Struthers, W. 2010/2011
Effects of induced cognitive processing styles on automatic social assimilation, The PONTIERO, Jeannette Kawakami, K. 2006/2007
Effects of internet use on reading comprehension ability, The FORCHT, Jesse (SPECIALIZED) Mar, R. A. 2010/2011
Effects of Interpersonal Processing on Partners Perception of Her Relationship: A Randomized Control Study, The SCOTT, Katherine Lindsay Reid, D. W. 2013/2014
Effects of Kinesthetic Motor Imagery and Eye State on Alpha Frequency Band Power, The CHARTRAND, Julie M. DeSouza, J. F. X. 2012/2013
Effects of maternal anxiety and maternal camera focus on infant pain during a routine immunization RACINE, Nicole Pillai Riddell, R. 2007/2008
Effects of maternal mental state language on infant social pretence at 15 months with mothers and peers, The KHAN, Beenish Legerstee, M. 2008/2009
Effects of moral and immoral recall on cognitive categorization FLEAR, Craig Bell, C. 2006/2007