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Graduate Theses

Titlesort descending Author Supervisor Year
Impact of mild cognitive impairment on spouses: A multi-modal investigation, The Shaughnessy, V. Moore, T. 2011
Impact of motivational interviewing on client experiences of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Generalized Anxiety Disorders, The Kertes, A. Westra, H. 2009
Impact of motivational interviewing on resistance in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Generalized Anxiety Disorder: A process analysis, The Aviram, A. Westra, H. 2010
Importance of emotional-reflexive patterns for productive experiential therapy: A narrative process analysis of Emotion-Focused and client-centered psychotherapy, The Lewin, J. K. Angus, L. 2010
Increasing self-other associations with approach behaviors Phills, C. E. Kawakami, K. 2012
Infant jealousy: Behavioural and neurophysiological correlates Avci, B. Legerstee, M. 2011
Influence of background noise on the intermodal perception of speech in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, The [MISSING - JANUARY 21, 2013] Hancock, L. N. Bebko, J. 2009
Influence of learning method on memory of verbal information: A comparison of writing and typing, The Weston, C. Cepeda, N. 2011
Influence of resilience on stress and appraisals of threat and challenge, The Katter, J. K. Q. Greenglass, E. 2010
Influence of the self-reference effect on enhancing memory in cognitive aging, The Carson, N. Rosenbaum, S. 2012
Integrated neural model of syllogistic reasoning, incorporating the effects of sequentially- and concurrently-presented emotion Smith, K. W. Goel, V. 2010
Integration of motion and disparity cues in the recovery of three-dimensional shapes Mackenzie, K. J. Wilcox, L. 2009
Interactions between aggressive children and their mothers: Changes through treatment and the role of gender Rubin-Vaughan, A. K. Pepler, D. 2011
Intercontextualism: Evaluating and integrating psychological knowledge Goertzen, J. R. Teo, T. 2009
Intermodal perception and Autism Spectrum Disorders: What is the role of language and intellectual disability? Brown, S. M. Bebko, J. 2011
Interpersonal forgiveness in Emotion-Focused Couples' Therapy: Relating process to outcome Meneses Woldarsky, C. Greenberg, L. 2011
Intraindividual variability in adolescents with ADHD: The impact of contextual factors and associations with indices of cognitive performance and behavioural symptom ratings Schnoll, J. S. Toplak, M. 2009
Investigating changes in tactile and proprioceptive perception and motor behaviour as a result of a multimodal illusion induced by monocular blindness with an occluding contact lens Di Noto, P. M. DeSouza, J. 2012
Investigation of 3 neurocognitive subtypes in schizophrenia, An Ammari, N. Heinrichs, W. 2009
Investigation of face viewpoint using psychological adaptation, An Daar, M. Wilson, H. 2009
Is touch coded in a visual reference frame? Harrar, V. Harris, L. 2010
Just can't put the brakes on aggressive driving: narcissism, impulsivity and driver aggression Lustman, M. Wiesenthal, D. 2011
Logging in strained, logging out sustained: The utility of online support groups for caregivers of individuals with advanced-stage cancer Male, D. Fergus, K. 2013
Longitudinal examination of developmental changes in parental reciprocity and its relation to university adjustments, A Dilouya, B. Wintre, M. 2012
Memory and enactment for routine and novel naturalistic actions in amnestic subtypes of mild cognitive impairment and controls Gold, D. A. Park, N. 2012
Memory for gist and detail from naturalistic action in amnesics: Implications for semantic and episodic memory Martin, E. Park, N. 2012
Memory performance of younger adult outpatients with Major Depressive Disorder before and after antidepressant treatment Bouffard, B. A. Rich, J. 2009
Micromotion study: The role of visual culture in developing a psychology of management Belliveau, A. R. Green, C 2011
Moderating role of authoritarianism and group membership on the repentance - forgiveness process, The Khoury, C. Struthers, W. 2009
Moderating role of transgression type in the relation between dependency, self-criticism and forgiveness, The Young, R. Struthers, W. 2011
Monovision: Consequences for depth perception from small and large disparities Smith, C. E. Allison, R. 2010
Motivated risk-taking: An anxiety-regulation view Nash, K. A. McGregor, I. 2012
Motor learning and sensory plasticity in healthy adults and Parkingson's disease Salomonczyk, D. S. L. Henriques, D. & Cressman, E. 2013
Multiple facets of romance amongst South Asian youth: The significance of cultural contexts, media, friends and parents Dhariwal, A. K. Connolly, J. 2012
Music preference and discrimination in three sumatran orangutans (Pongo Abelii) Ritvo, S. E. MacDonald, S. 2013
Naming abilities in adults with Down Syndrome and Dementia Kartakis, P. Waxer, P. 2011
Narcissism and the belief in an unjust world: The influence of personality on perceptions of injustice, driving anger, and aggressive driving Roseborough, J. E. Wiesthal, D. 2010
Narrative and emotion integration in psychotherapy: The development and application of the narrative-emotion processes coding system Boritz, T. Z. Angus, L. 2012
Neural network models of the dynamics of updating across saccades Keith, G. P. Crawford, D. 2010
Neuroplasticity in young bilingual children: Evidence from ERPs in an executive control task Barac, R. Bialystok, E. 2012
Neuropsychological mechanisms of emotion regulation for subtypes of externalizing children Stieben, J. Pepler, D. 2010
Neutral mechanisms governing trans-saccadic memory of visiual features Prime, S. L. Crawford, D. 2009
Normal and abnormal neuropsychological functioning symptoms, and functional status in Schizophrenia Miki, A. K. Heinrichs, W. 2009
Null hypothesis statistical testing controversy: Why do we still use NHST?, The Barnhart, R. G. Rutherford, A. 2010
Nursing leadership in palliative care: The point of view of committed and experienced nurse leaders Dupuis, R. Ritvo, P. 2011
Object recognition during active vision Bartlett, A. M. Hoffman, K. 2012
Objects in daily life: Materiality in North American institutions for the insane Bazar, J. L. Green, C. 2013
On the perception of familiarity and gaze in the conspecific faces of macaques Leonard, T. K. Hoffman, K. 2012
Optical coherence tomography as a window to the mind: Axonal integrity and cognitive performance in youth with Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis Lafoyiannis, C. Desrocher, M. 2012
Orangutan-Human interaction in rehabilitation: Orangutan contribution to interaction and conflict Smith, J. J. Russon, A. 2009