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Graduate Theses

Titlesort descending Author Supervisor Year
21st century pedagogy: A classroom perspective on critical thinking Descours, K. Wiesnheart, M. 2013
A community-based study of the effectiveness of Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with school-aged children in Toronto, Canada Konanur, S. Muller, R. 2013
Acts of kindness in close relationships reduce depression Barnes, Caroline Mongrain, M. 2012
Adding a point of view to fantasies: The role of visual perspective in Fantasy Realization Theory Vasquez, N. A. McCann, D. 2010
Adolescent experiences of confidential internet couselling at Kids Help Phone (Templeton Award) Haner, D. E. Pepler, D. 2010
Adult children of alcoholism and abuse: Symptom specificity, family roles and spousal relationships Gates, S. K. E. Wintre, M. 2011
Advantages of using polychoric correlations for item-level exploratory factor analyses LaBrish, C. S. Flora, D. 2011
Affective forecasting in an intergroup context: Reactions to outgroup racism and perceptions of the target Karmali, F. Kawakami, K. 2010
An investigation of scene processing through disrupted object processing Mullin, C. Steeves, J. 2013
APA style: The development of publication standards for American Psychology, 1900-1952 Sigal, M. J. Pettit, M. 2010
Apes in the information age: An investigation of information management by orangutans (Pongo Abelil) Marsh, H. L. Macdonald, S. 2012
Applying a social goals framework to the study of activated egalitarian and prejudice goals Mann, H. Kawakami, K. 2012
Aqui no hay amistad: Engendering interpersonal violence among women on the seasonal agricultural workers program Sheese, K. Rutherford, A. 2011
Argumentative & alternative communication in Canadian children with Developmental Disabilities Rourke, M. L. Perry, A. 2013
Assessment of body image in boys with Gender Identity Disorder: A comparison to clinical control boys and community control boys, The Lambert, S. L. Perry, A. 2009
Attachment and client's perception of treatment relationships in trauma group therapy Zorzella, K. D. M. Muller, R 2011
Attachment to parents and peers during adolescence: Developmental trajectories and associated factors Cappadocia, M.C. Pepler, D. 2013
Attention and visual short-term memory across the lifespan: Effects of cross-modal cueing Curtis, A. F. Murtha, S. 2010
Attitudes toward interfaith dating and marriage among Muslim youth: The role of religiosity, cultural identity and family connectedness Cila, J. Lalonde, R. 2012
Audiovisual processing in people with one eye Moro, S. S. Steeves, J. 2012
Autism Spectrum Disorder symptoms: An examination of new and existing models Shuster, J. Toplak, M. 2011
Bicultural conflict: How emotions can shape cultural values in Chinese Canadians Lou, E. Lalonde, R. 2010
Brief motivational interviewing intervention as a prelude to intensive eating disorder treatment, A Bewell-Weiss, C. V. Mills, J. 2010
Burning the candle at both ends: An examination of the antecedents and consequences of work-family conflict Fiksenbaum, L. M. Greenglass, E. 2012
But do you REALLY understand? Compliance bias and the right to silence Fitzsimmons, C. L. Moore, T. 2012
Caregiver emotional availability, infant characteristics and the development of infant negative affect regulation during painful procedures over the first year of life Osmun, L. D. Pillali Riddell, R. 2011
Categorical perception of conspecific faces in rhesus macaques Cassidy, B. N. Hoffman, K. 2013
Change in parent-child discordance in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Thornback, K. T. Muller, R. 2010
Change processes in emotion-focused and interpersonal psychotherapies for depression: A comparative study Jackson, S. L. Toukmanian, S. 2011
Changing emotion with emotion versus changing emotion with cognition: A therapy analogue study Vrana, G. C. Greenberg, L. 2010
Child behaviour problems: The role of the mother-child relationship and maternal risk in a substance-involved sample Chamberlin, J. Pepler, D. 2012
Child-rearing strategies and caregiving-infant interaction among Chinese Canadian and European Canadian mothers: A cross-cultural Study Chan, J. Bohr, Y. 2009
Childhood externalizing behaviour and parent-child interaction: Associations among cortisol reactivity, emotion, child and parent psychopathology Hogue, U. T. Pepler, D. 2010
Childhood sexual abuse and adolescent susbstance abuse and sexual risk behaviours among homeless youth: The mediational roles of affect dysregulation and posttraumatic stress symptoms James, C. A. Mills, J. 2012
Clarifying inhibitory control: Investigating the factor structure, relationships, and development of cognitive inhibition Howard, S. J. Johnson, J. 2013
Client reflexivity scale: A measure of minute fluctuations in self-awareness and self-exploration Katz, D. Eastwood, J. 2011
Clients' experiences of group therapies in a partial hospitalization program: A grounded theory analysis Johnston, G. J. Rennie, D. 2011
Cognitive abilities and rational thinking variables as predictors of antisocial/risky behaviour Sorge, G. B. Toplak, M. 2011
Cognitive factors in adults' understanding of fraction problems Giuliano, M. Johnson, J. 2012
Cognitive outcomes in individuals with a history of Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM) Balachandar, B. Till, C. 2010
Cognitive processes underlying routine and novel naturalistic action performance: Examining the role of executive function and memory, The Lombardi, S. Park, N. 2013
Combining qualitative and quantitative approaches to community belongingness and empowerment Lai, Y. Hynie, M. 2009
Community outcome in cognitively preserved Schizophrenia patients Muharib, E. Heinrichs, R.W. 2012
Community-based CBT for childhood anxiety: An examination of treatment effectiveness and children's motivation to change (MISSING: 28 OCTOBER 14) Summers, J. Bohr, Y. 2012
Comparative study of the nature of change process in Emotion Focused and Cognitive-Behavioural psychotherapies for depression Missirlian, T. M. Toukmanian, S. 2011
Comparison of narrative process sequences in Cognitive Behavioural and Emotion-Focused therapies for depression, A Macaulay, H. L. Angus, L. 2010
Comparitive analysis of the qualities of therapists' communications in three empirically-supported psychotherapies, A Hakim, L. Z. Toukmanian, S. 2010
Comparsion of scores on the two editions of the vineland scales in young individuals with ASD, A Hurd, K. N. Perry, A. 2011
Components of cognitive flexibility in adults Moradzadeh, L. Cepeda, N. 2009
Conducting research with First Nations and for First Nations: A reflecting study of aboriginal empowerment within the context of participatory research Schmidt, H. Schuller, R. 2009