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Compendia Tests

Title Compendia Page # Type Subject (s)
Accuracy Tests - 26 Following Instructions PTG 112 Test
Accuracy Tests - 27 Syntax Checking PTG 114 Test
Accuracy Tests - 28 Computer Checking PTG 116 Test
Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment - Child Behavior Checklist for Ages 6-18 (CBCL/6-18) PGE-SS 280 Source
Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment - Preschool (ASEBA) PGE-SB 99-102 Source
Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment - Teacher's Report Form Ages 6-18 (TRF/6-18) PGE-SS 282 Source
Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment Youth Self-Report (ASEBA-YSR) CACAPB 113 Source
Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment, Direct Observation Form and Test Observation Form (ASEBA-DOF) CACAPB 200 Source
Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment, Parent Report: Child Behavior Checklist (ASEBA-CBCL) CACAPB 156 Source
Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment, Teacher Report: Teacher Report Form (TRF) CACAPB 162 Source
Achievement HRD-SM 611-613 Source
Achievement Anxiety Test MCPV2 20 Test
Achievement Anxiety Test MCPV2-4 18 Test
Achievement Anxiety Test MCPV2-5 18 Test Anxiety and Fear, Mood
Achievement Anxiety Test (AAT) (1960) SAA 181-185 Test
Achievement Motivation - Denver Youth Survey MVRA 109 Test
Achievement Motivation Profile (AMP) PGE-SB 104-106 (Reference Only) Source
Achievement Orientation Scale II GR 342 Source
Achieving Behavioral Competencies - Teacher Rating Scale PGE-SB 106-108 (Reference Only) Source
Acitivities of Daily Living Questionnaire (ADLQ) CTSQ 411 Test
Ackerley Parental Attitude Scales HFMT v1, 320 Source
Ackerman-Schoendorf Scales for Parent Evaluation of Custody HFMT v2, 322 Source
Acknowledging Needs CBT-T 173 Handout Codependency
Acknowledging Your Pain And Counting Your Blessings - Acknowledgment Log CBT-T 247 Handout Depression
Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome Dementia Complex Clinical Staging HNRS 425 Test
Acquisition of Sexual Information Test, Dusek, J. B. HSRM 434 Test
Acrimony Scale HFMT v1, 283 Source
Acrophobia Questionnaire (AQ) PGE-A 133 Source
Acrophobia Questionnaire (AQ)-Part 1: Anxiety Scale PGE-A 384* Test
Acrophobia Questionnaire (AQ)-Part 2: Avoidance Scale PGE-A 384* Test
Actigraphy (Model 7164) PGE 165 Source
Acting As If: The Art of Confirming BTCH 191 and CD Handout
Active Listening: The Mirror Mind BTCH 196 and CD Handout
Activities Checklist HFMT v1, 69 Source
Activities of Daily Living Scales HNRS 277 Test
Activity Index HNRS 279 Test
Activity Therapy Evaluation Clinic - Evaluation and Orientation Services GP 17 Form
Activity-Feeling Scale II MCPV2 24 Test
Activity-Feeling Scale II MCPV2-4 22 Test
Activity-Feeling Scale II MCPV2-5 22 Test Psychopathology (general) and Psychiatric Symptoms
Acts of Love That Renew Romance BTCH 234 and CD Handout
Actual Sexual Jealousy Scale HFMT v1, 124 Source
Actualization Of Potential, Measure of CRPT (Location, not test) 259
Acute Concussion Evaluation MTBI 247 Source
Acute Pain Inventory RSMH-2 62 Source
Acute Panic Inventory (API) RSMH 62* Test
Acute Panic Inventory (API) PGE-A 119 Source
Acute Stress Disorder Interview (ASDI) PGE-A 257 Source
Acute Stress Disorder Scale MCPV2-4 25 Test
Acute Stress Disorder Scale MCPV2-5 25 Test Posttraumatic Stress