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Compendia Tests

Title Compendia Page # Type Subject (s)
World Health Organization Classification: "International Classification of Functioning Disability and Health" HNRS 4 Source
"Booster" Personalized Graphic Feedback Form BASICS 161 Form
"Children Are Not Small Adults" HNRS 39 Other
"Home Away From Home": Creating a Marital Laboratory MC 26 Test Marriage, Marriage Counselling, Marital Psychotherapy
"Hot spots" in My Story TPIDAD CD, 302 Form
"My Pet" Inventory AHAB 129 Source
10 Steps to Stimulus Control TPIB 83 Handout
15D Measure of Quality of Life (15DQOL) CPM 197 Source
18 Item Rapport Questionnaire (1994) SNM 347-359 Test
1991 Race and Politics Survey, The MRE 121 Test
2-COM CPM 22 Source
20-Item Weight-Related Symptom Measure (WRSM), The (Sample Page of Instrument Only) HAM 556 Test
21 Item Test CNT - 3 1176* Test
24-Item Version of the Miller-Fisk Sexual Knowledge Questionnaire (Brief), Gough, H. G. HSRM 438 Test
4-item Positive Symptom Rating Scale (PSRS) WPPP 52 Test
8 Scales CPM 477 Source
A Case of Meta-Emotion Mismatch MC 309 Test Marriage, Marriage Counselling, Marital Psychotherapy
A Generalizable Scale of Propensity to Plan HMS-3 225 Test
A Memory Experiment HSR 57,CD Form
A Memory Experiment HSR 140, CD Form
A Parent's Power Tools BTCH 221 and CD Handout
A Short Acculturation Scale for Filipino Americans (ASASFA) HMM Binder, 185 Test
A Universal Value System CTT 94 Form
A-B-C-D Technique TPIB 88 Form
Abbreviated 11-Item Rotter IE Scale (Valecha 1972) MSPA 235
Abbreviated Injury Scale HNRS 366 Test
Abbreviated Multidimensional Acculturation Scale (AMAS-ZABB) HMM Binder, 245 Test
Abbreviated Multidimensional Acculturation Scale, The MRE 50 Test
ABC Thought Diary CBTP 289 Handout Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Perfectionism
Ability Tests - Abstract Reasoning HMPT 36 Sample Questions
Ability Tests - Mechanical Reasoning HMPT 59 Sample Questions
Ability Tests - Numerical Reasoning HMPT 46 Sample Questions
Ability Tests - Other Ability Tests HMPT 61 Sample Questions
Ability Tests - Perceptual Reasoning HMPT 52 Sample Questions
Ability Tests - Spatial Reasoning HMPT 54 Sample Questions
Ability Tests - Verbal Reasoning HMPT 39 Sample Questions
Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale RSMH-2 226 Source
Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale (AIMS) HCRS 218, 237* Test
Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale (AIMS) HPM CD,157 Test
Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale (AIMS) RSMH 200 Source
Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale (AIMS) (Form 1-20) WPPP 81-84 Test
Abortion Attitude Scale and Abortion Knowledge Inventory, Snegroff, S HSRM 10 Test
Abortion Attitude Scale, Berne, L. A. S. HSRM 1 Test
Abortion Delay Questionnaire, Lynxwiler, J., and Wilson, M. HSRM 3 Test
Abridged Love Attraction Inventory HFMT v1, 608, p. 305 Source
Absenteeism: Chadwich-Jones et al. (1982) HOM 315 Source
Absenteeism: Kim et al. (1995) HOM 319 Source
Abstract and Non-verbal Reasoning - 21 Diagrammatic Series MLPA 82 Test
Abstract and Non-verbal Reasoning - 22 Diagrammatic Reasoning MLPA 84 Test
Abstract and Non-verbal Reasoning - 23 Diagrammatics MLPA 86 Test