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ABC Papers (Minor Papers)

Titlesort descending Author Year
Moebius syndrome and autism: Data from the autism diagnostic observation schedule - generic McConnell, Beth A. 2001, Nov.
Motivational and Stages-of-change Approaches to the Treatment of Disordered Eating Kipper, Karen 2006, Feb.
Motivational Interviewing with Mental Health Patients in Acute Care Inpatient Settings Doell, Faye K. 2010
Multi-lingual therapists' experience of empathy Woldarsky Meneses, Catalina 2009
Multidisciplinary Biopsychosocial Rehabilitation for subactute low-back pain: A Cochrane review Marin, Teresa 2017
Multiple comparison correction procedures in between-within aging research Jones, Stephanie 2010
Multiple social identities Zafar, Sadia 2014
Multiracial identity and conceptions of self Lou, Evelina 2012
Narrating Holocaust Trauma Boritz, Tali 2008, Oct
Narrowed future time perspective does not keep older adults from traversing psychological distances Kwan, D. 2014
Nature of code-switching in bilingual children and adults, The Majumder, Shilpi 1999, Mar.
Neural and behavioural correlates of autobiographical memory retrieval in patients with major depressive disorder and a history of trauma Parlar, Melissa 2017
Neural Mechanisms for Trans-Saccadic Space Constancy Account for the Non-Commutativity of Eye Rotations, The Smith, Michael 2001, Apr.
Neurobiological Correlated Autism: A Review of Recent Research Penn, Helen 2006, Jun.
Neurocognitive Outcome Following Recovery from SARS Pinnock, Farena 2017
Neuroimaging Studies of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in Adults and Children Friedlander, Laura 2005, Oct.
Neurophychological assessment of children: a review of current status and methodological issues, The Currell, Lesley Ruttan 1996, June
Neurophysiological dysfunction in schizophrenia Glanz, Bonnie I. 1992, Apr.
Neuropsychological and cross-cultural approaches to the study of emotion perception: the contributions of biology and learning Sota, Teresa 1997, July
Neuropsychological profiles of children with Moebius syndrome alone, autism alone, and with Moebius syndrome and autism, The Czapinski, Patrycja Krzeminska 2016
Neuropsychological Sequelae of Childhood-Onset Autosomal-Dominant Leukodystrophy in Three Siblings McMullen, Tracey 2006, Nov.
Neuropsychology of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Ricciuti, Christina 1996, Dec.
Neuropsychology of Juvenile Delinquency: Effect Size Analyses Sturgeon, Carey L. 2003, May
No Place to Call Home: A Critical Examination of Homelessness Fiksenbaum, Lisa 2002, Sept.
Nonverbal Memory Functioning Following Right Anterior Temporal Lobectomy McDermid, Stephanie A. 2003, May
Not just experience, but experiencing: Language, thought, and the body in Gendlin's Experiential Phenomenological Philosophy Sharma, Ruby 2009
Obedience and the Link to Evil: What do the Milgram Experiments Reveal About the Holocaust? Lustman, Michelle 2008
Object Relations and Psychopathology among Adult Survivors of Child Abuse Bedi, Ritu 2010
Occupational Stress in Blue Collar Workers: The Differential Roles of Co-Worker and Spousal Reciprocity Gates, Shawn 2006, April
Of hearts and men: Gender, coronary heart disease and the Type A subject Oosenbrug, Eric 2016
On the pragmatics of infirmity: William Jame's struggle to separate from his father Korma, Lorne 1998, Mar.
Once upon a time, from home to office, our storied existence: Storytelling in organizational change Dworsky, Samantha Dena 2002, Sept.
Outlying observations and the estimation of correlation from scatterplots Konarski, Roman 1997, June
Overview of diagnosis and current treatment methods for social phobia Reznicek, Pavla 2001, May
Parental attributions: Their relationship to maternal sensitivity and reflectivity. Two case studies Whitfield, Natasha 2013
Parental bereavement: the current state of the art Mosher, Shawn W. 1997, Jan.
Parental Deception: A Review of the Diagnostic Issues, Perpetrator Characteristics, and Theoretical Perspectives of Factitious Disorder by Proxy Rotondi-Trevisan, Debra 2004, Jan.
Parental investment and the evolution of heterosexual prostitution Mesquida, Christian G. 1999
Parental loss in childhood: theory, research and intervention Balmer, Leslie E. 1992, Sept.
Parental Overprotection and Cardiac Anxiety in Adults With Congenital Heart Disease Ong, Lephuong 2006, Jul.
Parental report of self and child worry during acute pain: A critical factor in determining parental pain judgement Mamedova, Khuraman 2017
Parenting Style, Emotion Regulation and the Development of the Prefrontal Cortex in Children Stieben, James 2010
Participation of Children with and without Disabilities in Social, Recreational and Leisure Activities Solish, Abbie J. 2008, Sept.
Patterns of Cognitive Dysfunction in Schizophrenia: An fMRI Meta-Analysis Curtis, Ashley 2015
Patterns of cognitive impairment in Parkinson's disease and classification of PD-MCI Roy, S. 2012
Patterns of Depression in Cancer Patients: An Indirect Test of Gender-Specific Vulnerabilities to Depression Miller, Sara 2010
Pediatric Bipolar Disorder: A Neuroimaging and Neuropsychological Comparison with Other Childhood Disorders Walker, Darlene 2006, Sept.
Peek behind the fence: the development of a new technology to assess school-aged children's social behavior, A Craig, Wendy M. 1993, Sept.
Peer victimization and psychosocial consequences in elementary school: An examination of posttraumatic stress McKenney, Katherine 2005
Peer-to-peer sexual harassment among early adolescents: a developmental perspective McMaster, Lauren E. 1998, Aug.