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ABC Papers (Minor Papers)

Titlesort descending Author Year
Generalized anxiety as a residual versus independent disorder: A comprehensive review of the diagnostic validity of the DSM criteria for generalized anxiety disorder Laderoute, Kristine T. 2004, Aug.
Generalized anxiety disorder and social anxiety disorder: The role of intolerance of uncertainty Counsell, Alyssa 2016
Generating Adaptive and Non-Adaptive Test Interfaces for Multidimensional Item Response Theory Applications Chalmers, Philip 2015
Genetic linkage approach to reading disability, The Khan, Inga 1993, Sept.
George Kelly's Reparatory Grid: Measuring Changing Beliefs in Catholic and Ex-Catholic Women Whelton, Sheri L. 1998, Apr.
Girl's Empowerment Group: An Intervention for Bullying Problems Among Early Adolescent Girls Cummings, Joanne 2000, Oct
Global Perspectives in Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: Assessing Practices, Policies, and Campaigns in Four English-Speaking Countries Kyskan, Christina 2003, Oct.
Goal-directed search in natural scenes improves with explicit, MTL-Dependent long term memory Yoo, Sang-Ah 2016
Group Psychotherapy for Gay Men Living with HIV/AIDS Sheridan, Peter 2005, May
Group Therapy with Female Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse in Research and Practice: A Review of Recent Literature Phillion, Robert Norman 2000, Feb.
Guessing and knowing by the orangutan (pongo pygmaeus abelii): A cognitive correlate of self-awareness Dionne, Michelle M. 1996
Head turn in monocularly enucleated children: a literature review and new experimental findings Goltz, Herbert C. 1996, May
Health-Related Quality of Life: An Examination of Ethnicity and other Determinants Post Radical Prostatectomy Bilanovic, Ana 2014
Hiding from the pain: trauma-induced boredom Cavaliere, Carol 2012
Highly active Special Olympics athletes and associations with household, athlete and sport factors Robinson, Suzanne 2016
Homework in Emotion-Focused Therapy Ellison, Jennifer 2005, Sept.
Hormone therapy and cognition: a critical review of methodologies and findings Hilborn, Jennifer 2011
How fat is Fat? Associations between weight-related words and figure silhouettes Bewell, Carmen 2009
How to teach statistics to psychology students effectively: A literature review Schmidt, Heather 2006
Human language: Simple evolution or complete revolution Martin, Michelle M. 2005
Human nature and organizational evolution, the survival of the Canadian health cares system Wong, Pauline P. 1998, Feb.
Humanistic psychology and intellectual identity: the open system of Gordon Allport Nicholson, Ian 1996, Jan.
Humour and health Pickering, Donna Ime 1997, Nov.
Hyperlexia: a review and recommendations O'Connell, Paul D. 1994, Oct.
Hypoglycemia as a cause of anxiety and depression: a critical analysis of the literature Alon, Eve 1992, June
Hypoxia and performance: a critical review Lindeis, Ann-Elise 1994, Dec.
Identifying a MCA who convert to Alzeimer's based on individual differences in learning curves: An application of growth mixture modeling Labrish, Catherine S. 2016
Identifying the active ingredients in intensive behavioural intervention programs for children with autism: a review of the literature Koudys, Julie 2010, October
Ill used and ill devised? The maternal fetal attachment scale (MFAS, Cranley, 1979, 1981a) Cox, Nancy Lyle 2002, July
Image quality assessment using dependent samples mixed - effects modeling MISSING (14/02/2018) Cutone, Matthew Daniel 2017
Imaginary companions and the development of pathological dissociation McLewin, Lise 2005
Immigration and mental health: Afghan, Mandarin-speaking Chinese and Tamil newcomers Hampson, Wendy 2009
Impact of Criminalization on the Labour and Lives of Sex Workers in Toronto Brown, Nicola Ruth 2003, Sept.
Impact of parental divorce on child adjustment, The Tsuk, Karen E. 1994, Feb.
Implicit Memory in Amnesia Karantzoulis, Stella 2005, Sept.
Implicit racial bias reduction: A real-world approach. Santelli, Alexander 2009
Importance of Enhancing Canadian's Access to Psychological Services Hartman, Leah 2015
Improvements in knowledge and lifestyle behaviours related to everyday memory of healthy older adults through a practical memory training program Wiegand, M. A., Troyer, A. K., Gojmerac, C., & Murphy, K. J. 2012
In-group indentification and intergroup differentiation: A meta-analytic review Ulu, Banu Cingöz 2008
Increment Thresholds for Radial Frequency Trajectories Produce a Dipper Function Daar, Marwan 2015
Individual Transition Planning (ITP) for Students With Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD): A Practical Information Guide for Parents and Educators Based on SLD Adult Outcomes Bourque, Joanne 2006, Sept.
Influence of Clinical Knowledge in the Decision to Deliver Opioids to Post-Operative Patients: The Role of Perceptions of Acute Post-Operative Pain and Risk of Addiction, The Miceli, Paula 2006, Apr.
Influence of Genomic imprinting in brain development and behavior, The Goos, Lisa M. 2001, Oct.
Influence of patriarchy, power, and estrangement on wife battering and uxoricide, The Stuckless, Noreen 1996, Oct.
Insecure Attachment: Implications for Behaviors, Perception and Rejection in Roommate Relationships Vetesse, Lisa 2000, Oct.
Insecure from Cradle to Grave: Evaluation of the Stability & Discontinuity of the Internal Working Model & the Role of Attachment in Adulthood when Romantic Partners serve as Attachment Figures Berk, Laura Ellen 2004, Aug.
Insight, Awareness, and Change in Experiential Therapy Pascual-Leone, Antonio J. 2004, Mar.
Integrating Constructivist and Systematic Metatheory in Family Therapy Fergus, Karen D. 2003, April
Integrating models of personality and disease: the case of a type of behavior Lafreniere, Kathryn D. 1993, June
Integration of eastern and western perspectives on psychological and spiritual development: Mindfulness meditation compared to experiential psychotherapies, The Geller, Shari 2001, August