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ABC Papers (Minor Papers)

Titlesort descending Author Year
Cognitive and behavioural characteristics of adolescents with seasonal and nonseasonal variations of depressed mood Kohut. Sara, A. 2009
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Sexual Offending: Current Approaches and Preliminary Outcomes Levi, Marc D. 2000, May
Cognitive causes of dysengagement in boredom. Gerritsen, C. 2012
Cognitive impairments in an individual with tuberculosis of the central nervous system Lombardi, Sabrina 2012
Cognitive Outcomes in Toddlers Born to Mothers with Treated Hypothyroidism during Pregnancy Lafoyiannis, Constantina 2010
Cognitive Processing Perspective: A Conceptual Framework for Understanding and Treating Adolescents who Commit Sexual Assaults, A Wong, Jeffrey 2000, Oct.
Cognitive variability and everyday behaviour in traumatic brain injury McLaughlin, Paula 2009
Communing with nature: effects on health, wellbeing, and recovery Bury, Alison 2009
Community-Based Parenting Training: Do Adapted Evidence-Based Programs Improve Parent-Infant Interactions? Halpert, Brooke 2010
Comparable Achievement of Client-Identified, Self-Rated Goals in Intervention and No-Intervention Groups: Reevaluating the Use of Goal Attainment Scaling as an Outcome Measure Herdman, Katherine 2017
Comparative and Incremental Predictive Capacity of the TSI and MMPI-2 Validity Scales at Detecting Feigned Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Friesen, Christopher J. 2006, April
Comparative efficacy of tricyclic and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors for the treatment of depression: A review, The Cohen, Eliana 2001, June
Comparative review of great ape spatial cognition, A Fisher, Maryanne 2001, Nov.
Comparing Domestic and International Undegraduate Students' Adjustment to University Wachala, Elizabeth 2015
Comparing strategy use in academically gifted and non-gifted youth: Similarities, differences and future directions Cunning, Sandra 2002, Feb.
Comparison of Interracial Relationship Openness and Racial Partner Preferences among Black, East Asian, south Asian and White Canadians, A Choi, Bryan 2017
Comparison of interview and inventory methods in life events research: a critical and empirical analysis, A Stephen, Joanne 1997, Dec.
Comparison of the Conceptualizations of Anxiety of Freud, Wolpe, and Beck McKee, Shari A. 1998, Sept
Comparison of the generalizability of univariate and bivariate results from students and other nonrandom samples, A Pettit, Frances Annie 1998, Feb.
Comparison of the personalized and traditional Implicit Association Test among children, A Karmali, Francine 2016
Competency-Based Versus Traditional Cohort-Based Technical Education: A Comparison of Students' Perceptions Mitchell, Robin Christine 1999, Aug.
Complexity of political reasoning and discourse in the context of a Neo-Piagetian framework Macdonald, Silvana 1996, May
Conceptualizations of Scholastic Difficulties Fraser, Peter G.M. 1999, Aug.
Concise overview of psychopharmacology & review of psychotherapy integration with psychopharmacotherapy for the treatment of depression Chavoshi, Saeid 2016
Congenital adrenal hyperplaysia implications for psychologists Cowman, Deborah A. 1992, June
Construct validation of quantitative developmental stages in a figural intersection task: an application of latent class analysis, The Baillargeon, Raymond 1993, Sept.
Contextually Sensitive Cognitive Behavioral Marital Therapy: The Role of Key Cognitive Processes in Understanding the Interactive Assumptive Worlds of Partners and Fostering Therapeutic Change Arpin-Cribbie, Chantal A. 2003, Oct.
Coping, emotion and psychopathology: an alternative review Summerfeldt, Laura J. 1995, Feb.
Critical review of the experience of stress for parents of children with autism: Implications for intervention, A Schomann, Lillian 2009
Culture and women's experience with menstruation: A qualitative study Uskul, Ayse Keyce 2001, June
Current conceptualizations of case formulation Goldman, Rhonda 1996, May
Cyberbullying in Canada Riddell, Julia 2017
Dancing around the starting line: Gene-culture coevolution in nonhuman primates Bebko, Adam 2017
Dating violence among young women with high risk backgrounds: a systemic review using quantitative and qualitative methods Joly, Lauren 2015
Decision Making Capacity for Informed Consent of the Elderly Curran, Christine M. Dec. 1999
Delicate wrist-cutting: A review Zink, Darryle-Anne 1995
Demonstrations of consciousness in non-human memory? Vonk, Jennifer 2000
Depression and Multiple Sclerosis Jankey, Sharon Gaye 1995, Mar.
Depression in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis Compared to Healthy Controls and Medical Patients: Two Meta-Analyses Dalton, Jane E. Sept., 2003
Designing for the exceptional user: Animal-Computer Interaction (ACI) Ritvo, Sarah E. 2016
Development and validation of the Financial Threat Scale (FTS) Marjanovic, Zdravko 2010, November
Development of imitation, The Lacasse, Martha 1993
Development of reading comprehension: Role of mental-attentional capacity and executive function Agostino, Alba 2008
Development of Smooth Pursuit Tracking: A Lifespan Perspective Baker, Thomas 2005, Nov.
Development of Working Memory across the Lifespan - A Functional Activation Study Adnan, Areeba 2016
Development, implementation, and evaluation of a pain management and palliative care educational seminar for medical students Paneduro, Denise 2014
Developmental Considerations of Childhood Bereavement Goldberg, Adele 2010
Developmental trajectories of romantic activity and associations with problems behaviours. Nguyen, Hien 2012
Developmental-interaction approaches to the psychopathology of mental handicap: a review of the theoretical and empirical literature Vallance, Denise Dianne 1994, June
Diagnosis and treatment of Anorexia from feminist perspective Kerr-Went, honey 1991, Jan.