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Major Papers

Titlesort ascending Author Year
‘Group Mind’ fallacy: Volkerpsychologie and the nazis, The Brock, Adrian 1991, July
Women’s fear of rape: A literature review and development of a self-report measure Senn, Charlene Yvette 1991.Aug.
Where are the fathers? The role of fathers in child development and child psychopathology Tsuk, Karen Elizabeth 1996,Dec.
Vygotsky’s theory: The concepts and their application in contemporary developmental psychology Prior, Suzanne M. 1994, Jan.
Vulnerability, stress and psychopathology I children: The issue of risk and protective factors Stewart, Shannon 1992 Apr.
Use of event-related potentials to understand auditory selective attention Pang, Elizabeth Wai-Ling 1996,Sept
Ultimate field study: William Blantz and the Dionne quintuplets, The Winestock, Sheri L. 1993,Nov.
Type a behaviour pattern and its relationship to physiological and/or psychological well-being in the work place, The Altay, Huzur T. 1991, July
Treatment strategies for severe behaviour problems in individuals with developmental disabilities Freeman, Nancy L. 1994,June
Towards modeling the programming process McAllister, Alan Pierce 1991, May
Time concept: Philosophical foundations of the psychological theories and research, The - MISSING (25/07/2016) Khan, Inga 1991, Mar.
Therapeutic models for intervening in the mother-relationship: A review of the literature Lojkasek, Miroslav 1993,Nov.
Theories of relapse Moser, Andrea E. 1993, Mar.
Theoretical and empirical issues in children's coping with stress Weiser, Liza 1994, Feb.
The role of hope in psychotherapy Zink, Darryle Anne 2007, Sept.
Surviving child sexual abuse: History, treatment and a model for intervention Weinberg, Joyce 2007, Nov.
Subject: Woman - The researched in feminist social science Snelling, Susan J. 1993,Sept
Stress and the parental dyad: A review of stress effects on parenting in marriage and divorce Millington, Judy Buller 1992,Aug.
Stress and coping in the elderly: Gender, ageism, and methodological perils Bodenstein, Eyal 1994, July
Sport psychology, the sport psychologist, and the efficacy of mental practice as a sport performance enhancement strategy Comper, Paul N. 1991, Oct.
Social psychology of heterosexual condom use: Review of the literature and an alternative theory, The McMaster, Loren 1995,Sept
Single-case methodology for psychotherapy change-process research: A task analytic approach Wiseman, Hadas 1985,Dec.
Siblings of handicapped children: risk factors and implications for intervention Hansen, Janice 1991,Nov.
Sibling relationship as a source of social support in middle childhood, The Waddell, Janice 1997,Sept.
Sibling aggression: A review and recommendations O'Connell, Paul 1997, Nov.
Sex differences in mental rotation ability: Issues and evidence Phillips, Krista A. 1994, Apr.
Self-concept of gifted children: The influence of social factors on its development, The Bodenstein, Tally 1995, Nov.
Seeds on the wind: a review of Glasner and Strauss’ grounded theory method as implemented by other researchers Quartaro, Georgio K. 1993, Jan.
Role of peer in the development of moral thinking in children, The Hicks, Kathleen 1994,June
Road rage: evidence of driver aggression, violence, and vengeance Hennessy, Dwight A. 1999, Jan.
Risk, protective factors, and developmental psychopathology Mockler, Susan 1998,Aug.
Risk literature, the role of risk and protective factors in developmental psychopathology and stress-resistance, The Sweeny, Gail 1991,Dec.
Review of psychophysical methods used in visual research, A Hamstra, Stanley John 1992,Nov.
Representation: an examination of external and internal representations through a historical review of the imagery debate Jenkin, Heather Leslie Maclay 1995, Nov.
Representation of trainees’ experience of learning psychotherapy: A specific situation, a Roese, Roswitha 1991,Aug.
Relative effects of treatment programmes on the development of interpersonal competence in children, The Wilchesky, Marc 1980, Mar.
Reassessing the cognitive revolution: The uses of Kuhn in the self-presentation of cognitive psychology Macdonald, Jennifer Elene 1995, Mar.
R. S. Woodworth’s concept of drive and the mechanization of purposive behaviour Goodfield, Cindi 1995,Aug.
Quality of attachment in normal (low-risk) samples of children ages 3 to 6: A review of the research using the modified strange situation and the 3-/4- and 5-/6-year classification syctems Birkenfeld-Adams,Andrea S. 1997,Mar.
Psychology, religion, and the Victorian crisis of faith, 1890-1902: The case of George Albert Coe Nicholson, Ian 1994,Aug.
Psychological theories and theory based applications with rape survivors McEwan, Siobhan L.M. 1992, Oct.
Psychiatric and cognitive side effects of corticosteroid drugs Glanz, Bonnie I. 1994, July
Problematizing research on HIV-positive women Gurevich, Maria 1996, Apr.
Primary prevention of children's mental health problems: A developmental perspective Oyen, Anne-Siri 1992, Jan.
Predicting chronic pain and chronic pain disability McConnell, Dina 1994, Feb.
Pornography legislation in Canada: A continuing controversy Dowler, Susan T. 1995, Apr.
Popularizing the new psychology in the Americas: From scripture’s chain reaction to the polygraph, biofeedback, and computer imaging technologies Ballantyne, Paul F. 1995,June
Playfulness: The art of sharing fun Fountain, Angela 1994, Apr.
Perspectives on relationship commitment: A review of relevant literature Cowman, Deborah A. 1995,Sept.
Personality and obsessive compulsive disorder Summerfeldt, Laura J. 1997,Sept