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Faculty Research Report

Title Author Report # Year
Situational aspects of interactional psychology Endler, N. S. 80 Jun-79
Survey of York University 1976-78 B.A. and B.Sc. graduates in psychology located in metropolitan Toronto Rennie, David 86 Novermber 1979
Endler multidimensional anxiety scale-T (EMAS-T) and Endler multidimensional anxiety scake-S (EMAS-S): A manual for state and trait anxiety measures Edwards, Jean M., Vitelli, Romeo, & Endler, Norman S. 152 Dec-85
Coping Psychotherapeutic Intervention and well-being in cancer patients Courbasson, Christine, & Endler, Norman S. 237 Aug-96
Interaction model of anxiety: An empirical test in an examination situation Endler, Norman S., & Magnusson, David 15 Sep-75
Intelligence and experience: A neopiagetian approach Goodman, D., 7 Pascal-Leone, J. 81 Jun-79
Woman’s place -- In the home or in a career Greenglass, E. R. 87 Mar-80
Scholarly impact of psychologists Endler, Norman S. 153 May-85
Assessing the approach-avoidance: The predictive validity of stylistic coping measures Endler, Norman S., & Rutherford, Alexandra 238 Oct-96
Representation of social dominance in children’s drawings Strayer, F. F., & Strayer, Janet 16 Sep-75
Anxiety and the person by situation interaction model Endler, N. S. 88 Apr-80
Reflections on life-span intelligence, consciousness and ego development Pascual-Leone, Juan 155 Jul-85
Beck Depression Inventory: Exploring its multidimensionality Denisoff, Eilenna, Endler, Norman S., & Rutherford, Alexandra 239 Apr-97
Affiliation, spacing and social dominance among preschool children Strayer, F. F., & Strayer, Janet 17 Oct-75
Quantitative and qualitative aspects of experienced freedom Westcott, Malcolm R. 89 Jul-80
Electroconvulsive therapy: Fact and fiction Endler, Norman S. 156 Sep-86
Interaction model of anxiety and coping: The threat of Quebec’s separation from Canada Endler, Norman S., Fairlie, Paul, & Flett, Gordon L. 240 Jun-97
Dominance and status among captive squirrel monkeys: A systematic comparison of assessment techniques Rhodes, Wayne, Strayer, F. F. & Smith, Martin 18 Oct-75
Visual psychophysics on the Apple II: Getting started Anstis, Stuart, & Cavanagh, Patrick 90 Jun-80
Question of identity: Who participated in psychology experiments Danziger, Kurt 157 Jun-86
Empirical test of the interaction model of anxiety in a competitive equestrian setting Endler, Norman S., & Trotter, Monique Ann 241 Jul-97
Computer control of memory experiments on a large-scale time sharing system Franklin, P., & Friendly, M. L. 74 Jul-78
Manic-depression and its treatment Endler, Norman S. 144 May-84
Neuroticism: How does one slice the pi(e)? Denisoff, Eilenna, Endler, Norman S., & Rutherford, Alexandra 229 Oct-95
Multidimensional aspects of state and trait anxiety: A cross-cultural study of Canadian and Swedish college students Endler, Norman S., & Magnusson, David 9 Apr-75
Anatomical and neuroanatomical asymmetries in autistic children Blackstock, E. & Malvestuto, G. 75 Jul-78
Evolutionary psychology of spatial sex differences Phillips, Krista, & Silverman, Irwin 230 Nov-95
Locus of control as an important concept for an interactionist approach to behaviour with particular application to psychological stress Reid, David W. 10 Apr-75
Adaptation of frequency-shifted auditory feedback Anstis, Stuart, & Cavanagh, Patrick 76 Jan-79
Wundt and the two traditions of psychology Danziger, Kurt 82 Jun-79
Interactionism in personality in the twentieth century Edwards, Jean M.& Endler, Norman S. 146 Aug-84
Ethnocentrism vs. pragmatism in the conduct of human affairs Case, Danielle, & Silverman, Irwin 231 Nov-95
Don’t fence me in: Recent research and theoretical developments in the study of human crowding Buchalter, Pepi, & Wiesenthal, David L. 11 May-75
Positivist repudiation of Wundt Danziger, Kurt 77 Feb-79
S-R Inventory of general trait anxiousness Endler, Norman S., & Okada, Marilyn 1 Dec-74
Balanced vs one-sided communications about drugs Kohn, Paul M., & Snook, Suzi 2 Dec-74
Vector diagrams illustrate SIN waves and Fourier series Anstis, Stuart 66 Dec-77
Demonstrations of apparent reversals in visual movement, depth and, vernier offset Anstis, Stuart 67 Oct-77
Work and play in the 21st century: workfulness at play and playfulness at work Day, H. I. 141 Apr-84
State-trait coping, state-trait anxiety and academic performance Endler, Norman S., Kantor, Ludmila, & Parker, James D. A. 213 Jun-93
Brentano’s Psychology from an empirical standpoint and Freud’s early metapsychology Fancher, R.E. 4 Feb-75
Productivity and scholarly impact of British, Canadian, and U.S. departments of psychology Roediger, H. L., Endler, N. S., Rushton, J. P. 69 Jul-78
Problems with heterochromatic photometry Kaiser, P. K., & Kinney, J. A. S. 6 Mar-75
Where the stars are: The top 25 psychologists in Canada Endler, N. S. 72 Mar-78
To know or not to know: That is the question Endler, Norman S. 142 May-84
Evolution of the personality construct in marketing and its applicability to contemporary personality research Endler, Norman S., & Rosenstein, Alvin J. 227 Apr-95
Validity data on a modified version of Pearson’s novelty-experiencing scale Annis, Helen M., & Kohn, Paul M. 7 Apr-75
Interactions between simulateous contrast and adaptation to gradual change of luminance Anstis, Stuart 73 Jun-78
Interaction model of anxiety and dental treatment Ackerman, Cheryl A. & Endler, Norman S. 143 Jun-84
Health, cancer, and coping with stress Courbasson, Christine M., Endler, Norman S., & Cunningham, Alastair J. 228 Oct-95