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Faculty Research Report

Title Author Report # Year
Coping with frustrations to self-realization: Stress, anxiety, crises and adjustment Endler, Norman S., & Parker, James D. A. 169 Apr-88
Play, sexual attraction and affiliation among captive squirrel monkeys Harris, Patricia J., & Strayer, F. 19 Oct-75
Apparent curvature of a flat surface seen by a moving observer Anstis, Stuart, O’Mahony, Michael, & Rogers, Brian 91 Jun-80
Personality disorders from an interactional perspective Edwards, Jean M., & Endler, Norman S. 158 Jul-86
Life experiences, coping and weight preoccupation Denisoff, Eilenna, & Endler, Norman S. 242 Aug-97
Stereoscopic depth constancy Comerford, James, & Ono, Hiroshi 20 Oct-75
Induced tilt from checkerboards: Edges vs. fourier components Anstis, Stuart, & Tyler, Christopher 92 Jul-80
Stress and vulnerability related to anxiety disorders Edwards, Jean M., & Endler, Norman S. 159 May-86
Coping with Cancer: The evidence for the temporal stability of the French Canadian version of the Coping with Health, Injuries and Problems (CHIP) Endler, Norman S., Courbasson, Christine, & Fillion, Lise 243 Sep-97
Perceptual information processing strategies and the simultaneous acquisition of French and English: An exploratory study Blackstock, E. G., Wallis, D. A., & Springer, S. A. 21 Oct-75
What goes up need not come down: Moving flicker edges give positive motion aftereffects Anstis, Stuart, & Cavanagh, Patrick 93 Jul-80
Variations on a theme Edwards, Jean M., & Endler, Norman S. 160 Jan-87
Stress, anxiety and coping: the multidimensional interaction model Endler, Norman S 244 Nov-97
Kindling paradigm - Behavioural and chemical aspects: The interanimal retardation effect Gaito, John 22 Nov-75
Imager and concreteness ratings for 1080 verbal items Franklin, Patricia, Hoffman, David, & Friendly, Michael L., 94 Sep-80
Hassles, Health and Happiness Endler, Norman S. 161 Mar-87
Controllability, coping, efficacy, and distress Endler, Norman S, Speer, Rachel L., Johnson, Judith M. & Flett, Gordon L. 245 Jan-98
Role of person by situation interactions in personality theory Endler, Norman S. 23 Nov-75
Developmental changes in adolescent’s cognitive structure concerning marijuana Annis, Helen M., Chan, David W., & Kohn, Paul M. 95 Sep-80
Verbal deficits in Klinefleter (XXY) adults living in the community DeFeudis, Patricia, Endler, Norman S., Porter, M. Elaine, & Gardner, H. Allen 162 Apr-87
Self-Regulation and distress in Clinical psychology Endler, Norman S. & Kocovski, Nancy L. 246 Feb-98
Interaction model of anxiety: An empirical test in a social situation Endler, Norman S., Okada, Marilyn & Flood, Martin 24 Dec-75
Sex roles and perceived relative competence as facotrs in behaviour conformity Endler, N. S., & Wiesenthal, D. L. 96 Oct-80
Relationship of procrastination and trait-anxiety to measures of emotion and coping during three stages of an examination period Edwards, Jean M., Lay, Clarry , H., Parker, James D. & Endler, Norman S. 163 Apr-87
Assessment of coping with health problems Endler, Norman S. & Johnson, Judith M. 247 Feb-98
Effects of race on initial clinical assessment Bromberg, Richard & Rudestam, Kjell Erik 25 Dec-75
Examination induced anxiety: An empirical test of the interaction model Edwards, J., Endler, N. S., King, P. R., & Kuczynski, M. 97 Dec-80
Dunamic mental processes and the assessment of culturally-diverse children Pascual-Leone, Juan 164 Jul-87
General versus specific self-efficacy, and perceived versus objective control in relation to anxiety and cognitive performance Endler, Norman S., Speer, Rachel L., Johnson, Judith M., & Flett, Gordon 248 May-98
Developmental changes in attitudes towards complexity Crawford, Gail C. & Day, Hy I. 26 Dec-75
Medical intervention and the interaction model of anxiety Endler, N. S., & King, P. R. 98 Dec-80
Metaphor and meaning in psychotherapy: A qualitative analysis of four therapy dyads Angus, Lynne 165 Jan-89
Reliability, and concurrent and predictive validity of the subjective appraisal rating scale in HIV-infected men and women Fillion, L., Hurwitz, B.E., Milanovich, J.R., Motivala, S.J., Graves, J., & Schneiderman, N. 249 Apr-98
In search of the M-Gram: The structure of organization in free recall Friendly, Micheal L. 27 Jan-76
Academic examinations and anxiety: The interaction model empirically tested Endler, N. S., & Phillips, J. B. 99 Dec-80
Temperamental nature of personality Endler, Norman S. 166 Feb-88
French adaptation of the shortened version of the Profile of Mood States (POMS) Fillion, L. & Gagnon, P. 250 Apr-98
Altruistic behaviour of children Rushton, John Philippe 13 May-75
Autism: Spontaneous functional and listening asymmetries Bebko, J. M., & Blackstock, E. G. 79 May-79
Wundt’s theory of behaviour and volition Danziger, Kurt 85 Oct-79
Trends in personality research: 1993-1995 Endler, Norman S., & Speer, Rachel L. 236 Jul-96
Experience of freedom in psychotherapy and behaviour change Enns, Kenneth Loewen 14 Jul-75
Situational aspects of interactional psychology Endler, N. S. 80 Jun-79
Survey of York University 1976-78 B.A. and B.Sc. graduates in psychology located in metropolitan Toronto Rennie, David 86 Novermber 1979
Endler multidimensional anxiety scale-T (EMAS-T) and Endler multidimensional anxiety scake-S (EMAS-S): A manual for state and trait anxiety measures Edwards, Jean M., Vitelli, Romeo, & Endler, Norman S. 152 Dec-85
Coping Psychotherapeutic Intervention and well-being in cancer patients Courbasson, Christine, & Endler, Norman S. 237 Aug-96
Interaction model of anxiety: An empirical test in an examination situation Endler, Norman S., & Magnusson, David 15 Sep-75
Intelligence and experience: A neopiagetian approach Goodman, D., 7 Pascal-Leone, J. 81 Jun-79
Woman’s place -- In the home or in a career Greenglass, E. R. 87 Mar-80
Scholarly impact of psychologists Endler, Norman S. 153 May-85