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Title Author Call Number Subject (s) (BETA)
WISC-IV companion: A guide to interpretation and educational intervention, The Truch, S. BF 432.5 W42 T77 2005
WISC-V assessment and interpretation: Scientist-practitioner perspectives Weiss, L. G., Saklofske, D. H., Holdnack, J. A., & Prifitera, A. BF 432.5 W42 W45 2016 Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, Intelligence tests
Women of the second decade York University, School of Women's Studies LB 2332.3 W674 1998*
Woodcock-Johnson III: Reports, recommendations and strategies - SUPERSEDED Mather, N. & Jaffe, L. E. LB 1131.75 W66 2002
Woodcock-Johnson IV: Reports, recommendations, and strategies Mather, N., & Jaffe, L. E. LB 1131.75 W66 M389 2016 Woodcock-Johnson Psycho-Educational Battery
Word by word: The secret life of dictionaries Stamper, K. P 327 S695 2017 Lexicography - History, Encyclopedias and Dictionaries - History and Criticism
Working memory and academic learning: Assessment and intervention Dehn, M. J. BF 378 S54 D44
Working with parents of anxious children: Therapeutic strategies for encouraging communication, coping, & change McCurry, C. QC H3A OC9 2015
Worry cure: Seven steps to stop worry from stopping you, The Leahy, R. L. BF 575 W8 L67 2005
Writing papers in psychology Rosnow, R. L. & Rosnow, M. BF 76.7 R67 2006
Writing psychological reports: A guide for clinicians Wolber, G. J. & Carne, W. F. RC 469 W58 2002
Writing to clients and referring professionals about psychological assessment results: A handbook of style and grammar Allyn, J.B. BF 38.5 A458 2012
Wyatt's practical psychiatric practice: Forms & protocols for clinical use Wyatt, R. J. & Chew, R. H. RC 465.5 W94 2005
York University: The way must be tried Horn, M. LE 3 Y6 H67 2009
Your practicum in psychology: A guide for maximizing knowledge and competence Matthews, J. R. & Walker, C. E. RC 467.7 M68 2006*
Your psychology project: The essential guide Evans, J. BF 76.5 E9412 2007