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Title Author Call Number Subject (s) (BETA)
Coping power: Child group program ("Treatments that work" series) Lochman, J. E., Wells, J. C., & Lenhart, L. A. RJ 506 A35 L63 2008
DBT skills training handouts and worksheets Linehan, M. M. RC 489 B4 L56 2015 Workbook
DBT skills training manual Linehan, M. M. RC 489 D48 2015
Essentials of WJ-IV tests of achievement Mather, N. & Wendling, B. J. LB 1131.75 W66 M373 2015 Woodcock-Johnson Psycho-Educational Battery
Essentials of WPPSI-IV assessment Raiford, S. E., & Coalson, D. L. BF 432.5 W424 R35 2014 Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence
Reclaiming your life from a traumatic experience: Workbook ("Treatments that work" series) - Workbook Olasov Rothbaum, B., Foa, E. B., & Hembree, E. A. RC 522 P67 F58 2007 Workbook
100 statistical tests Kanji, G. K. QA 277 K35 2006
101 Exercises in psychological testing and assessment Cohen, R. J. BF 176 C63 1996*
50 Great myths of popular psychology Lilienfeld, S. O., Lynn, S. J., Ruscio, J., & Beyerstein, B. L. BF 145 A15 2010
50 Years of human rights developments in federal corrections Correctional Services Canada, Human Rights Division HV 9507 A125 1998*
64-Item Relationship Inventory: Development and adaptations, The Barrett-Lennard, G. T. HM 132 B35x 1978
Abnormal psychology Davison, G. G., Neale, J. M., Blankstein, K. R. & Flett, G. L. RC 454 D3 2001*
Academic skills problems: Direct assessment and intervention Shapiro, E.S. LB 1029 R4 S5 2011
Academic skills problems: Foruth edition workbook Shapiro, E.S. LB 1029 R4 S5 2011 Workbook
Access: A framework for a community based mental health service system (and executive summary) Canadian Mental Health Association, Ontario Division RA 790.7 .C2 C363 1998
Achievement test desk reference: A guide to learning disability identification, The Flanagan, D. P., Oritz, S. O., Alfonso, V. C. & Mascolo, J. T. LB 3060.3 A28 2006
AD/HD forms book: Identification, measurement and intervention, The Asher, M. J. & Gordon, S. B. RJ 506 H9 A84 1998
Addiction and mood disorders: A guide for clients and families Daley, D. C. RC 564.68 D365 2006
ADHD in adolescents: Diagnosis and treatment Robin, A. L. RJ 506 H9 R63 1998*
ADHD in the schools: Assessment and intervention strategies DuPaul, G. J. & Stoner, G. LC 4713.4 D87 1994*
ADHD Rating Scale-5 for children and adolescents: Checklists, norms, and clinical interpretation DuPaul, G. J., Power, T. J., Anastopoulos, A. D., & Reid, R. RJ 506 H9 2016
ADHD Rating Scale-5 for children and adolescents: Checklists, norms, and clinical interpretation. DuPaul, G.J., Power, T.J., Anastopoulos, A.D., & Reid, R RJ 506 H9 2016 Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity-diagnosis, Adolescent
ADHD rating scale-IV: Checklists, norms, and clinical interpretation - SUPERSEDED Dupaul, G.J., Power, T.J., Anastopoulos, A.D., & Reid, R. RJ 506 H9 A337 1998
Adolescent assessment Gumbiner, J. BF 724.25 G86 2003
Advanced IQ tests: The toughest practice questions to test your lateral thinking, problem solving and reasoning skills Carter, P. BF 431.3 C35 1998
Advances in intrinsic motivation and aesthetics Day, H. I. (Ed.) BF 503 A35 1981*
Advances in the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder Taylor, S. (Ed.) RC 552 P67 A28 2004
Age-proof your mind: Detect, delay, and prevent memory loss - before It's too late Tan, Z. S. RC 394 M46 T36 2005
Alive and aware Miller, S., Nunnally E. & Wackman, D. HM 132 M527 1975*
American Medical Association complete medical encyclopedia Leikin, J. B. & Lipsky, M. S. (Ed.) RC 81 A2 A497 2003
American Psychological Association: Advertising rate card American Psychological Association BF 76.8
Anthropology and human nature Mantagu, A. GN 6 M62 1957*
Anxiety & phobia workbook, The Bourne, E. J. RC 531 B67 2005 Workbook
Anxiety disorders in children and adolescents Morris, T. L., & March, J. S. RJ 506 A58 A58 2004*
APA dictionary of psychology Vandenbos, G. R. BF 31 V295 2006
APA handbook of testing and assessment in psychology Geisinger, K. F. (Ed.) BF 176 A63 2013 Vol. 1-3
APPIC directory, internship and postdoctoral programs in professional psychology APPIC BF 77 A55 2007
Applied multiple regression/correlation analysis for the behavioural sciences Cohen, P. & Cohen, J. HA 31.3 C63 1975*
Applied psychology: Putting theory into practice Bekerian, D. A. & Levey, A. B. BF 636 .B375 2005
Approaches to psychology Glassman, W. E. BF 121 A66 1995*
Are you smarter than you think? Gordon, C. BF 432.3 G67 2004
Art and politics of college teaching: A practical guide for the beginning professor, The Hostetler, K. D., Sawyer, R. M. & Prichard, K. W. (Ed.) LB 2331 A648 2001
Asking questions - the definitive guide to questionnaire design : For market research, political polls, and social and health questionnaires Bradburn, N., Sudman, S. & Wansink, B. H 62 B63 2004
Assertive option, The Jakubowski, P., & Lange, A. J. BF 575 A85 J34 1978
Assessing alcohol problems: A guide for clinicians and researchers Allen, J. P. & Wilson, V. B. RC 565 A73 2003
Assessing alcohol problems: A guide for clinicians and researchers (SUPERSEDED) Allen, J. P. RC 565 A73 1995
Assessing and treating physically abused children and their families : A cognitive-behavioral approach Kolko, D. J. & Swenson, C. C. RJ 507 A29 K65 2002*
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Assessing children's well-being: A handbook of measures Naar-King, S., Ellis, D. A., & Frey, M. A. RJ 50 C479 2003
Assessing intelligence in children and adolescents: A practical guide Kranzler, J. H., & Floyd, R. G. BF 432 C48 K73 2013